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  3. 「MARTINOTTI」日本初のプロセッコバー








Prosecco bar. Here is dreamland specialized in Prosecco, the most popular sparkling wine in the world.

The place of the bar is at Bakurocho area in Nihon-bashi, Tokyo. It is said that Bakurocho is the root of wholesale business in Tokyo after world war II. Now, there is still wholesale district, but in these years, there are some innovation.

The bar will open at 1st floor of the building, which was built about 80 years ago. There is located 30 seconds from “Bakuro Yokoyama” station, and the station is connecting with other 2 stations (Bakurocho and Higashi Nihon-bashi).

We will serve 4 kinds of prosecco by the glass, many kinds, types of prosecco by bottle, of course many Prosecco cocktails. And will run as a wine shop and wholesale featuring Prosecco.

(Sparkling wines for serving will be prosecco, but of course we serve and sale still wines and make cocktails from spirits and liqueurs)

The bar will be opened from 12 pm to 10:30 pm like an Italian style bar.